A user's guide to practical Scrum

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At its core, the Scrum framework is simple, and held up by the 3-5-3 structure: 3 Roles, 5 Events, 3 Artifacts.  You need all of these elements to be doing Scrum, nothing in there is optional. Leaving out any of the parts means you are not doing Scrum. Ken Schwaber once likened Scrum to chess, […]

Working Agreements are important.  One of the earliest things we can do to come together as a Scrum Team is to discuss what our working agreements are as a team.  This is our contract with ourselves on how we are going to work – and succeed – together. It’s not vital that every team establish […]

I admit to mixed feelings about Sprint burn-downs.  I recognize I might be in the minority on this. In theory, they are useful.  A good burn-down provides a quick at-a-glance view of how the team is progressing within a Sprint toward their goal, and shows where things might be tracking behind and adjustments might need […]

Let me just say this up front: I love Sprint Retrospectives. The Retrospective is easily my favorite event in Scrum, and it’s not even close.  It’s also the hardest one to get just exactly perfect.  I make no claim to having done this – there is always room to improve, after all – but I […]

Okay, I know I said that I was going to come back to Retrospectives and how to keep them from being repetitive. I’ve got a lot written about that and am trying to figure out how to shape that content. I promise I will come back to it. Soon. Something that came up recently got […]